What’s On Offer

options consultancyHamish Raw’s options consultancy is a one-man, specialist traded options consultancy. This means:

  • you will have an interim team member dedicated to your cause.
  • you will have a highly experienced trader who traded with his own money in size.
  • you will have a guy that codes (proficient in Excel/VBA) and tests his own financial models.
  • you will have an adept teacher/trainer in the field of both financial engineering and practical trading.
  • you will have an expert in options portfolio risk analysis and management to coach your risk manager.
  • you will have an entrepreneur that has IPO’d a software company (£54.5m) offering trading systems.
  • you will have the author of a comprehensive risk management book on digital options.
  • you will have an innovator, a problem solver who thinks out-of-the-box.

I will only deliver first class results; this means I will not take on work outside of those subjects I consider I am an expert in. I have turned away work when not comfortable with my ability to excel. I am very interested in:

  • the analysis and management of market risk
  • training options traders and/or options market-makers
  • vanilla and exotic options pricing
  • practical trading issues
  • volatility trading
  • market arbitrage

I am in the quite possible unique position of having:

  • an MBA
  • traded as a self-financed futures and options trader in the pits and onscreen
  • founded a software company that offered DMA software and IPO’d on AIM
  • have consulted as a specialist options risk manager
  • have published a specialist book on the risk management of digital options
  • have approaching 35 years experience in the derivatives business
Hamish Raw’s Options Consultancy